You may have been told that you cannot get a mortgage due to your credit history. This very much depends on what is showing on your credit file and the level of 'adverse' evident on the report. 

Our advisers work with lenders that will be far more lenient in their assessment of adverse credit and will look at applications on a case by case basis. 

Mortgage rates available to applicants with adverse credit are often slightly higher. 


We have access to specialist lenders where rates start from 2.39% (5.40% APRC) and go up to 7.12% (7.50% APRC).

The interest rate will be dictated by the severity of the adverse credit evidenced on your credit file.

Have you been told you have 'bad' credit?


Have you struggled to get the mortgage you need due to your credit score or what is evident on your credit file? 

Adverse Credit


Mortgages for people with bad credit
Adverse credt mortgages

Adverse credit that we are able to assist with:


          Low Credit Score

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Missed payments on unsecured credit

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Both satisfied and unsatisfied defaults and County Court Judgments (CCJ's)

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Debt management plans and Individual Voluntary Arrangement's       

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Previous bankruptcy and Debt Relief Orders (must be now discharged)

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